Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mason's Birthday

 Mason celebrated his 4th birthday on April 23!  This sweet boy brings so much joy to our family.  He was born on a cold and rainy day in Iowa and we fell in love with him. 
He is such a sweet boy and a mommas boy. He never fails to continually give me hugs and tell me he loves me.  He doesn't like to see me sad, and he doesn't like it when Troy is tickling me. He truly gets pretty defensive of me. 
Mason loves people. He is not shy and talks to everyone. He goes up to kids and adults of all ages and says, "My names Mason." 
He reminds me of what maybe Troy would have been like as a kid, they have similar personalities. 
Mason likes to ask questions, and his spirituality surprises me. When I sing him primary songs he asks questions, like "What is the temple like. What does a child of God mean? What does baptize mean?"  Mason prays to not be afraid of monsters at night, and he has pure faith that Heavenly Father will protect him. 
Mason is afraid of the dark and of scary things. He gets that from me. 
He makes us go to the bathroom with him every time because he is scared of the dark. 
Mason is without fail, always the first child up, and is my alarm clock.  He comes straight to our bed and gets some extra alone snuggle time with mom, and sometimes dad. 
This boy likes to have fun and is crazy and silly.
Mason absolutely believes in super heroes and he wears his superhero cape to preschool every single day he has school. And most of the time will wear it to the park and store.
 It is almost impossible to get a picture of Mason with his eyes open! I have to take a million to get one with him looking!

 He got roller blades for his birthday!
 Oh, all these pictures are taken in one day but he has three different outfits throughout them.  That is Mason.  I always let him pick his own clothes and he dresses himself every morning but sometimes he wears the craziest outfits that absolutely don't match at all, or will wear long sleeve warm shirts with shorts. Or like on his birthday will change multiple times a day. I need to start taking pictures of some of his crazy outfit combinations.
 A sandbox! The boys have been spending hours in our garden area playing in the dirt so I thought a sandbox would be great so we can get our garden planted soon!

 Mason wanted a Mario cake this year!  
He loves to play Mario Brothers on the Wii.  One of the rules in our house is that we can only play the wii on Friday nights and Saturday after chores. And that is if he has been good during the week and has done all his chores.  It is something he looks forward to all week and it is his motivation to get done the things I ask him!

 So excited to blow out the candles!

 Practicing Roller Blading!
 He knows I love to have someone brush my hair and will be so sweet and brush it!!
 One of Mason's jobs is to sort laundry every week and he always runs and gets his hat and puts it on because this is a "tough job".
Mason is a good little helper and especially with weeding! I leave him pretty much in charge of weeding the front in the rocks and he loves it and does great.
 As I (and the girls) have been teaching Mason to write this past year, we have discovered that he is left handed!  He does a lot of things with his right but when it comes to writing, he uses his left hand.  Now we have two lefties in this family.

 Life is always a party and adventure with this boy, even at Walmart. 
Happy 4th Birthday Mason! 

What is your Favorite Color?
        Hmm, blue.

What is your Favorite Food?
          Chicken nuggets.
Really? We don't eat them that much.
         At chick-fil-a.

What is your Favorite Sport?
Because I just barely signed you up to play this summer?

Where would you like to go on a vacation?
           I would like to go on a trip to the zoo.
What is your favorite movie or TV Show?
         Wreck it Ralph

Who are your most favorite people?
          Ethan and Cayden and Darren.
 What about me and dad, huh?
          Oh yeah, you guys too.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
           A dad and a doctor.

What is something you are good at?
Yep, you got pretty good today!

If you had a 1000 dollars what would you spend it on?

What is your favorite song? 
        Mothers Kneeling 
 (Love is Spoken Here)

Who is your biggest hero?
          Umm, Mommy sometimes there are bad guys, umm Mom, Dad is my hero because he is so big.

What is something you would like to do or try before your next birthday?
     Umm, I would like drive a car. Mom, am I done?
Not yet, just a few more questions.

If you could meet someone famous, who would it be?
       Umm, Mommy what means famous? Uh, I like spiderman!

 What is your favorite store?
        The grocery store.
What is your favorite thing to do with Mom? 
       Play a game.

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?
          Fight with him. 
Play fight with him? 
         Yes, he makes me so weird, and I laugh. 

What is your favorite season?
          What is season?
 Summer, winter, spring, or fall?
         Fall, I know what fall mean, that means the leaves come off the trees.

What is your favorite animal?
(Hmm, I wonder where he got that from).

Who is the coolest person on earth?
        I don't know, who is it?  Daddy, because he is huge.

Who is your best friend?
           Gabe, and Ethan, and Cayden

What is your best memory:
           I don't know, uh mommy, am I done now?

What is your favorite treat?

If you could have a wish, what would it be?
        I would wish for a cow.
         Because I pet a baby cow today and it was cute.
Umm, ok.

What is your favorite thing to do?
        Play the wii and play outside and ride my scooter.  And I like to play the wii with Uncle Cody.

Where is your favorite place to go?
         To the zoo, or wait, wait, wait, I like to go on a trip.

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Stephanie said...

I could hear his little voice in those interview questions. I love when he asks me a question he always starts with um, um Stephanie.? He's a cute one!