Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break!

The girls were looking forward to spring break like crazy! They were really excited for a break from school.  We had a good week going to the zoo, the sea aquarium, park, library, and lots of other fun things. It was nice to have them home and I am looking forward to summer!  I don't realize it until they are home but they are such a big help with their brothers.  They are awesome at getting their brothers breakfast, and helping and playing with them.

Mason had fun feeding the sting rays.

They even got to stay up late to go to one of Dad's basketball games.

We didn't see much of Troy that week. It was probably one of the busiest weeks since he has started residency!! He worked a ton of hours, we didn't eat with him once, he was up early and gone before the kids woke up and wasn't home until after they were sleeping, had 2 a.m surgery, and he even had to be gone for General Conference weekend. He was pretty tired and Tyson didn't want to leave his side when he saw him so he just fell asleep with him!

Katelyn wasn't feeling very good, it had been a long day with the kids, and we hadn't seen Troy so I decided to take the kids to the hospital late one night. Katelyn just wanted her Dad to hold her and after a little while she was fine! Just needed her Daddy.

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